ARIC™ for Merchant Monitoring

Real-time fraud prevention and risk management for Acquirers and their Merchants

Using the latest machine learning technology alongside cutting edge behavioral models, the ARIC Risk Hub enables organizations to monitor merchant behavior and risk from the initial account application through to the processing of transactions - preventing chargebacks and bust outs.

Merchant Onboarding

ARIC Risk Hub enables you to safely automate merchant onboarding without adding friction to the onboarding experience. You can mitigate risk and prevent fraud and financial crime by:

  • Identifying fraudulent merchant applications in real time using Adaptive Behavioral Analytics technology
  • Automating and streamlining the merchant onboarding process
  • Preventing costly losses down the line with early warning, maintenance of new accounts and reserve management, all achieved with staged underwriting
  • Working with our customers to create and build a frictionless application process, reducing the time it takes for merchants to start trading

Merchant Monitoring

Historically, legacy systems have undertaken merchant monitoring at a summary level. Featurespace instead analyzes and risk scores every individual transaction in real time - stopping more fraud with fewer alerts. The result is minimal negative impact to your genuine merchants and higher payment conversion with reduced risk.

  • Combine payment event information with behavioral analytics in one UI
  • Monitor and identify merchant risk for even the most complex types of fraud, including transactional laundering and merchant bust out.
  • Prevent more fraudulent transactions and increase operational efficiencies 

Understand normal activity for individual and categorized merchants to spot anomalies

Identify underlying trends that suggest risky or fraudulent behavior

Automatically detect new and existing types of fraud, without increasing friction

Prevent chargebacks and bust outs with ARIC Risk Hub

Fraud poses a constant challenge to acquirers and merchants, increasing the need to fight fraudsters with best-in-class technology. Featurespace’s ARIC Risk Hub is data-agnostic, it processes a variety of internal and 3rd-party data sources, detecting behavioral anomalies in real time with its world-leading Adaptive Behavioral Analytics technology.

Did you know?

ARIC Risk Hub for Merchant Monitoring is also available as a White Label product.

Provide real-time fraud protection with machine learning to your clients, while opening new revenue streams for your business.

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Case Study: Low Risk Portfolio

A Global Payments Processor

This Global Payments Processor is among the largest credit card processors in the US and one of the top acquirers in the European marketplace. The organization supports the payment needs of over 1 million merchant locations, processing over 3 billion transactions annually.

Reduction in Genuine CNP Transactions Declined

Fewer Genuine Transactions Declined

Reduction in Fraud Losses


The Global Payments Processor wanted to protect its merchants from fraud, and protect itself from fraudulent merchants. The processor challenged Featurespace to provide a solution that would:

  • Detect and prevent 50% of fraudulent transactions by volume
  • Offer comparative model thresholds: 25% and 75% of fraudulent transactions by volume
  • Leverage the latest in machine learning technology


With Featurespace’s ARIC Risk Hub, the Global Payments Processor is now able to:

  • Detect suspicious activity in real time, so they can identify fraudulent transactions as they occur
  • Identify a list of high-risk merchants and provide transactional scores
  • Predict the fraud risk on each transaction in real time, generating merchant alerts based on where the fraud is occurring

Case Study: High Risk Portfolio

A European Payments Processor

This European Payments Processor is one of the fastest growing global acquiring networks. Providing their customers with a secure, international
payment processing platform, they wanted a real time, proactive risk management system that could also reduce the number of alerts flagged for
manual review while reducing false positives and catching more fraud.

50% increase in the value of fraud identified

81% reduction in alerts: from >1,000 to <200 per day

98% reduction in false positives (genuine transactions declined)


The company challenged Featurespace to provide a system that could:

  • Improve fraud detection and chargeback performance while simultaneously decreasing the number of genuine transactions being declined
  • Provide a list of high-risk merchants to be investigated with all relevant information provided to the company’s analysts, enabling efficient and accurate reviews
  • Improve their protection against merchant risk by performing real-time analysis on transactions, benchmarking these against existing credit limits and performing peer group analysis to look for merchants acting outside the norm


The ARIC Risk Hub was implemented to:

  • Monitor individual customer behavior: ARIC uses transactional channels to learn from individual spending habits and track these habits for change outside both the individuals and their peers’ behavior to identify potential risk
  • Increase customer acceptance: ARIC understands the legitimate behavior of individual customers, allowing them to make genuine transactions without interruptions, minimizing false positives and ensuring transaction revenue is maximized
  • Identify and block new fraud attacks as they occur: ARIC detects real-time anomalies in an individual’s behavior that indicate fraudulent activity and ensures that these are appropriately flagged for automated action or manual review
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Our Customers

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