ARIC™ for Payment Fraud Prevention

Fighting account takeover and scams in real time

Combine data from a variety of sources, including device ID, customer behavior, and cross-channel transactions in a single solution, protecting your customers from payments fraud while minimizing friction and reducing the need for manual intervention.

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Authorized Push Payment scams - where the victim completes the transaction - are difficult for traditional fraud systems to detect. 
ARIC™ Risk Hub enables banks and payment service providers to detect both outbound and inbound scam payments in real time with a unique combination of Adaptive Behavioral Analytics, and machine learning. 

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Account Takeover

Detecting Account Takeover requires a comprehensive view of customer activity, which is where traditional ‘point’ solutions fall short.  

Adaptive Behavioral Analytics - deployed via ARIC Risk Hub - leverages Adaptive Behavioral Biometrics, device intelligence, and cross-channel data to protect customers from Account Takeover at every entry point.  

Criminals deploy malware to ATMs or to capture online log-in and payment details. 
ARIC Risk Hub tracks complex online, mobile and in-app behavioral features in real time to produce a session fingerprint. The accurate profiles spot potential malware activity. 

    Protect your business and your customers with ARIC Risk Hub

    • Real-time detection of fraud using machine learning and Adaptive Behavioral Analytics
    • Use unique Adaptive Behavioral Biometrics to monitor the whole online banking session and stop fraud before a payment is even attempted
    • Works on all payment types (Faster Payments, BACS, Zelle, ACH, SWIFT, API and more).
    • Automatic detection of both new and existing types of:
      • Account Takeover
      • Credential Stuffing
      • Malware
      • Scams
    Understand behavioral data across all channels:

    ARIC Payment Fraud Prevention offers best in class fraud prevention across each channel but also holistically allows you to spot complex fraud such as “pivoting fraud”.

    Integrate multiple data feeds:

    Featurespace customers are able to input over 80 data feeds to a single ARIC Risk Hub, including fraud scores from third parties, call centre, card, cheque, ACH, and application data.

    Accurately spot impersonation fraud:

    Leverage Behavioral Biometrics to accurately detect highly sophisticated fraudulent accounts, even in cases where the criminal has a customer's full identity profile. 

    Supporting an Enhanced Customer Journey

    Today’s customers expect a seamless and smooth payments experience from their bank or financial institution.

    Our Adaptive Behavioral Biometrics solution maps behavioral data on websites and mobile apps to detect Account Takeover and Phishing Attacks, all in real time using machine learning.

    Crucially the profiles are so accurate that phishing and malware activity can be spotted even if the session is generated by a genuine customer.

    Case Study: Tier 1 UK Bank

    The Challenge

    Effective risk management, including fraud prevention, is critical to retaining long-term growth and profitability. However, this tier 1 UK bank was facing an increased volume of fraud attacks against its SME business and retail customers. 

    Because the fraud attacks involved new fraud techniques such as malware, vishing, and smishing, traditional rules-based approaches were generating a high volume of alerts and struggling to fully mitigate the fraud problem. This resulted in an increase in operational expenditure and increased fraud losses.

    reduction in fraud alerts

    of fraud value identified before payment attempted using in-session behavioral data

    more fraud detected through third-party payments than incumbent system

    The Solution

    The ARIC Risk Hub was implemented to:

    • Improve the detection of 3rd party payments fraud using customer interactions through digital channels using existing data
    • Use a customer’s session information to predict when fraud will occur before a payment is initialized
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    Our Customers

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    Multi-Award Winning Fraud & Risk Management Solution

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