ARIC™ Scam Detect

ARIC™ Scam Detect provides cover against the most prevalent types of scams on real-time payments and other account-to-account transfers. It can be deployed standalone or complementary to existing fraud controls.

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Reduce the cost of scams. Financially. Reputationally.

A solution specifically designed to stop scams. ARIC™ Scam Detect uses Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to apply a unique and layered approach to scam detection.

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Full Protection against scams. From day 1.

Authorised Push Payment scams are the fastest‑growing fraud type, with investment scams rising by 193% in five years. In the U.K. losses during the first half of 2022 were £249.1 million.

For the top 200 U.S. financial institutions (FIs), scams were a quarter of fraudulent transactions, with average losses of over $100 million in 2021.

The financial services industry has been working with Featurespace to find a solution to protect their organizations and their customers from losses.

ARIC™ Scam Detect from Featurespace is our response.

What are Authorised Push Payment scams?

Authorised Push Payment (APP) scams occur when a customer is persuaded by a criminal into transferring money to an account the criminal controls. Despite FIs ensuring the customer is genuine, once an APP scam is executed it is difficult to reverse or retrieve the funds.

How ARIC™ Scam Detect works

Analyzes payment authorization requests and returns a score indicating the probability of a scam.

Profiles genuine behavior for each customer and other entities so there is no need for biometric or device ID data to detect the scam.

Identifies deviations: ARIC™ Scam Detect will check the transaction against the profile for unusual patterns and threshold violations.


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ARIC™ Scam Detect. Real Time Monitoring. Seamless Integration.

Pre-configured models deliver scam coverage from day one. With real-time monitoring, risk teams can react as soon as the scam is identified. Inbound payment monitoring and profiling guarantee comprehensive protection.


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Discover ARIC™ Scam Detect — the only technology that prevents a fast growing risk to Financial Institutions.

Comprehensive protection against popular scam tactics

ARIC Scam Detect – Impersonation Scam

Impersonation scam

Entity profiled: Beneficiary + Victim
Indicator of scam example: New or changed beneficiary

ARIC Scam Detect – Romance Scam

Romance Scam

Entity profiled: Beneficiary + Victim
Indicator of scam example: Gradually increasing payments

ARCI Scam Detect – Impersonation scam

Investor Scam

Entity profiled: Beneficiary + Victim
Indicator of scam example: Multiple payments, typically increasing in value

ARIC™ Scam Detect Interfaces & Integration points

There are three primary interfaces & points of integration for Featurespace-hosted ARIC™ Scam Detect deployments:

Event API

Receives event data, validates the data against the data schema and returns a HTTP response, with a business payload (real-time responses) or without as a simple technical acknowledgment (asynchronous processing).

S3 Bucket

Receives data from ARIC, including incoming events, analytics processing outputs and logs of UI activities such as alert reviews.


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Included in the ARIC™ Scam Detect Solution

Hosted by Featurespace

Hosted by Featurespace (AWS)

Featurespace manage your ARIC™ Scam Detect deployments from start to finish, proactively upkeeping and monitoring your system.


Integration via API

Connectivity via API allows for easy integration with existing systems and workflows. Retrieve real-time responses for active management of frauds.

Preconfigured analytics

Preconfigured analytics

Featurespace’s Adaptive Behavioural Analytics proven to detect most prevalent types of scams is included and already set up.

Industry-standard data model

SOC 2 Type II

ARIC™ Scam Detect aligns to ISO-20022 data standard, which is set to become the industry standard for payment messaging.

Complementary or full solution

Complementary or full solution

The solution can be deployed complementary to your existing fraud monitoring, or be used as a separate full solution targeted to identifying scams.

Single, transparent price based on transaction volume.

System ready to go

System ready to go

ARIC™ Scam Detect comes with pre-configured alert management, workflows, reports and roles/permissions so you can get started quickly. Online training is available.

Our Support

High Availability Deployment

High Availability

To support business critical processes.

24_7 Support

24/7 Support

Tech support, online resources, documentation.

Industry Leading Security

Industry-leading security standards​

SOC 2 Type 1 & 2 compliant​.

Proven Analytics Performance

Proven analytics performance​

Best-performing fraud analytics in the industry.​

Find out how you can stop scams today


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