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Automated Deep Behavioral Networks

Discover Featurespace’s transformative Automated Deep Behavioral Networks architecture which undermines scams and protects against card and payments fraud more forcefully and accurately than ever thought possible.

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Truly the next generation of Machine Learning.

Already a market-leading solution, with award-winning Adaptive Behavioral Analytics (ABA) technology and unique ARIC Model Definition Language (AMDL) at it’s core, the ARIC Risk Hub prevents Fraud and Financial Crime with unrivaled accuracy.

Newly launched Automated Deep Behavioral Networks is the next generation of fraud prevention. Only available through the latest version of the ARIC Risk Hub, it offers an enhanced layer of protection from scams, account takeover, card and payments fraud.

Automated Deep Behavioral Networks has been developed specifically for the Card and Payments industry. A Recurrent Neural Network based architecture which improves fraud detection across the board, especially high value – low volume and low value – high volume attacks.

Consumers face reduced friction with fewer escalated verification needed. At the same time, scams, account takeover, card and payment fraud attacks are identified before the victim’s money has left their account.

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Key Benefits for Card and Payments


uplift in fraud prevention performance

All payment types saw an uplift, including including card and ACH/BACS, wire, P2P and faster payments.


value detection rate

Accept more genuine transactions

Reduced step-up authentication

Confidently provide a smoother customer journey, reducing both customer friction and abandoned carts

Accurate Fraud Detection

Improved risk score certainty across all transactions.

Fraud detection during the transaction is increased and genuine behavior is more accurately identified to facilitate the acceptance of more transactions and reduce false positives.

Detect Fraud

Capture hard to find fraud

Greater detection of outlying anomalies such as low volume, high-value fraud or high volume, low value fraud - providing more confidence in accepting transactions.


No black box

ARIC provides strict model governance documentation, with explainable logic, fair decision making and reason codes

Real-time analytics for fraud management

Real-time scoring

Delivers stable, real-time scoring with high throughput and low latency response times for business-critical enterprises, even under surge conditions.

Real-time automated deep behavioral networks

Stay ahead of the criminals

Featurespace is the only company in the market to provide this - a brand new proprietary approach to machine learning.

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The next generation is already smarter.

A breakthrough in deep learning technology, this invention required an entirely new way to architect and engineer machine learning platforms.

Automated Deep Behavioral Networks is a new architecture based on Recurrent Neural Networks it automates the process of feature discovery and fast-tracks data science exploration.

With Automated Deep Behavioral Networks in the ARIC Risk Hub, Data Scientists see the following key benefits:

  • Automated feature discovery to fast track data science exploration

  • Native understanding of the significance of time in transaction flows

  • Machine learning logic pushed through the entire modelling stack

  • Leveraging the irregularity of human actions to identify anomalistic behavior

  • Retaining all of the discoveries of Featurespace's Adaptive Behavioral Analytics


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