Our customers


Betfair combats gaming fraud with machine learning Adaptive Behavioural Analytics technology

77% reduction in alerts

54% reduction in chargebacks

50% reduction in operational costs

“When none of the world’s other existing fraud providers could solve our fraud problem, we ran a proof of concept with Featurespace. In 2008 they built our fraud system. We renewed our contract for a further five years at the end of 2013 and remain a very happy customer and investor.”

Director of Registrations, Payments & Fraud, Betfair

Betfair’s challenge

Betfair’s revenue growth was restricted by their existing rules-based system, they wanted:

  • Protection from new, unknown types of fraud for their betting platform, which was under constant attack
  • To increase customer acceptance with a more accurate fraud system
  • To grow rapidly without adding to the fraud team headcount

Featurespace’s solution

Betfair implemented ARIC™ Risk Hub to:

  • Understand each individual in real-time

The machine learning ARIC platform replaced Betfair’s rules-based system

  • Spot new, unknown fraud attacks