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Missed us in the Limitless Lounge? Find us at stand 2521 to meet our experts and join the conversation, or read our Money 20/20 highlights.

Salman and Dave were in the Limitless Lounge on Tuesday, October 26.

They covered:

  • Past, present and future trends in Card Issuing
  • The top fraud threats and how to combat them
  • The role of deep learning in preventing fraud

‘Providing Innovators with Peace of Mind through Modularity and Advanced Transactional Fraud Detection’

October 26th at 1pm PST
The Limitless Lounge @ Money 20/20 Vegas

Missed the talk? You can find our experts at booth 2521.

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Featurespace exists to protect people and organizations from the rising threats of fraud and financial crime. 

In a digital world, increasingly sophisticated criminals are taking advantage of individual vulnerabilities and weaknesses in our global financial infrastructure generating huge personal and institutional losses.

ARIC Risk Hub – our proprietary machine learning ecosystem – analyzes the entire payment journey, understands and accurately predicts genuine, individual behavior in real time, identifying risk even as underlying behaviors change.

By thinking ahead of the criminal, understanding the customer, and applying the most advanced science and innovation, we enable safe and trusted digital adoption, support business growth, and help protect society.  

Our Solutions

Machine Learning for AML Transaction Monitoring

Automated Deep Behavioral Networks: The Future of Fraud Prevention

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Day 3 - Money20/20

Rich Graham, Product Manager at Featurespace

Reflecting on a very successful Money 20/20 conference, here are 3 key takeaways from the Featurespace team:

1. Credit invisible will become more visible and the Fintech market is in a prime position to bring them into their platforms. This means more folks from additional parts of the world will be “bankable.” And with new customers and new ways of transacting, new fraud trends will occur, so the importance of staying one step ahead of fraud will be key in maintaining trust with the credit invisible. This trend has the potential to bring wealth and prosperity and increase social mobility for many.

2. Payment volume and speed is increasing exponentially. This is not just a bank trend, it’s a trend across Fintechs. The rise across volume and speed is resulting in fraud becoming even harder to manage for many institutions. Gig workers do not want to wait to be paid weekly or monthly, they expect payments to be instant – this is creating the need for a faster payment expectation for these workers. Introducing unnecessary friction would create a negative experience for these workers.

3. Fraud and financial crime detection are an essential consideration for any new Fintech. As new channels open up, criminals will be quick to exploit any weaknesses. The abundance of new and exciting ways to transact requires the need for a comprehensive fraud and financial crime strategy to keep customers feeling safe and protected, without interruptions.

Day 2 - Money20/20

Rich Graham, Product Manager at Featurespace

Dave Excell, founder of Featurespace was joined by Marqeta‘s SVP/ GM of North America, Salman Syed, in the Limitless Lounge.

We just completed day two of Money 20/20 and it did not disappoint. It’s been great to catch up with customers, prospects and partners alike at our booth (2521) and I’m looking forward to more of these conversations tomorrow at our last day of the conference.

The day started with an extremely talented panel at the session entitled “Bringing New Financial Tools and Opportunities to Central America.” The panelists from Google, Accion and Mastercard did a fantastic job explaining the situation on the ground in Central America, particularly in the “Northern Triangle” (El Salvador, Nicaragua and Panama) and some key initiatives in the region to bring prosperity in the form of digitizing payments.

Mastercard’s Shamina Singh, President of Inclusive Growth, discussed the problems with cash in the region, saying “Cash is the enemy of the poor and cash is the friend of the criminal.” Singh explained that by increasing the digital economy in the Northern Triangle of Central America, more transparency will exist in the payments ecosystem which is ready to benefit from the digital economy that a host of companies are working on bringing to this part of the world. Focusing on the poor in this region by eliminating technical barriers is important because there are three billion individuals who are considered “credit invisible.” As more of these payments become digital the benefit to the Northern Triangle will bring significant benefit.

We also attended a MeetUp where our own Dave Excell, founder of Featurespace, presented with Marqeta‘s SVP/ GM of North America, Salman Syed, on the topic of providing innovators with peace of mind through modularity and advanced transactional fraud detection.

The focus of the discussion was changes to the card industry over the last fifty years and what might happen over the next fifty years. As the card space has evolved so has the fraud. Dave highlighted how understanding customer behavior can be one of these fastest and most effective way of identifying fraud. As cards become more readily available to customers, back to the earlier example of the credit invisible, which again represent 3 billion people, new fraud types could emerge. So as the customer set becomes much larger, applying Adaptive Behavioral Analytics models will go a long way in preventing fraud across an increasingly larger customer base and a new type of global customer.

It’s been a refreshing, fun and informative show and we’ll be back tomorrow, so come by our booth and see us before you head back home.

Day 1 - Money20/20

Rich Graham, Product Manager at Featurespace

After a long flight from Boston, it’s great to be at the Venetian hotel for this year’s Money 20/20 conference. There’s a lot of energy in the exhibit hall, as it’s the first conference for many in close to two years.

As Money 20/20 is one of the world’s largest payments conferences, there are more than just regulatory and financial crime vendors attending, providing a great opportunity for our team share insights with player across the wider industry. From fintechs and payment providers to data companies and new startups all under one roof, coming together around multiple stages to discuss the future of money.

There’s a big increase in Crypto vendors and discussions this year, and a highlight from my first day was a presentation on the potential of non-fungible tokens (NFT) as the rise of private, blockchain-based money begins to become more and more common, along with all of the regulatory challenges that this creates.

We’re already looking forward to some great sessions coming up tomorrow, including our 1 p.m. Meetup in the Limitless Lounge, hosted by our founder David Excell and Marqeta’s Salman Syed. We’ll be exploring advanced transactional fraud and welcome a lively discussion with the audience. If you’re at Money 20/20, we hope to see you there!

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