12 May 2018

Dave Excell explains how machine learning can safeguard global payments in The Green Sheet

When it comes to digital payments, honest players around the globe – genuine consumers, merchants, processors and financial institutions – want two things: speed and security. But since the introduction of EMV, fraudsters have shifted their focus toward card-not-present (CNP) transactions (a February 2018 study by Javelin revealed fraudulent transactions are 81 percent more likely to occur online than at the POS).

In a new article in The Green Sheet, Dave Excell, founder and CTO at Featurespace, explains why the application of machine learning models is essential to preserving the integrity of transactions around the globe by delivering a risk- and friction-free experience.

Click here to read Dave’s article: “Machine learning can safeguard global payments”.


Machine Learning for Fraud Detection: what risk professionals need to know.

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