The rising value and frequency of AML fines has hit global headlines, with European and UK regulators sending a strong message on non-compliance and effective AML programs. Even the largest global institutions in these markets, with major departments and resources dedicated to AML operations have fallen foul of the long arm of the law. If the giants of the banking and fintech scene cannot manage to avoid the fines and bad press, how can other institutions, such as national, savings or high street banks and building societies remain compliant in this ever-changing regulatory landscape?

Watch this webinar to hear practical advice from financial crime experts:

  • How to modernize AML systems without risky or costly rip and replace projects
  • Extracting more value from current investments
  • Layering new technologies for operational efficiency
  • Improving the efficacy of AML transaction monitoring
  • Taking advantage of machine learning
  • Embracing data science within AML teams to improve outcomes
  • Managing the costs of compliance and non-compliance