ARIC Recognized by bobsguide as "Best Risk Management System"

The Featurespace ARIC™ platform has been recognized as "Best Risk Management System" in the 2019 bobsguide Tech Awards

The Featurespace ARIC Platform was named "Best Risk Management System" in the 2019 bobsguide Tech Awards. The awards celebrate successful financial and technology market partnerships, as well as individual technology developments.

"In a highly contested category, the judges felt that Featurespace’s offering thoroughly stands out in the market,” said Michael McCaw, editor at bobsguide. “Through conversations with the firm’s team and market participants, it was clear that Featurespace has made significant improvements to the system this year."

"It's an honor to be among the best of the best technology providers and even more so to be recognized by bobsguide as the best risk management system. It validates the incredible innovation our teams in the U.S. and U.K. continue to achieve to detect and prevent new and unknown types of fraud using Adaptive Behavior Analysis," said Dave Excell, founder and CTO of Featurespace. "We will continue to put our customers first, protect consumers from financial crime, enable financial inclusion and deliver a frictionless banking and payment experience. This award provides additional motivation in our progress towards risk scoring every transaction on the planet.”


For more than two decades, bobsguide has connected providers of innovative fintech solutions with the financial services professionals who need them. With more than 64,000 registered users, it is the leading global information resource for the financial technology sector.

Want to know how we're fighting fraud with Adaptive Behavioral Analytics?

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For further information, please contact: 

Rebecca Lewis
Head of Marketing • Featurespace

About Featurespace - 

Headquartered in the U.K. and U.S. and with offices in Cambridge, London and Atlanta, Featurespace™ is the world-leader in fraud prevention and creator of the ARIC™ platform, a real-time AI machine learning software that risk scores transactions and other events in more than 180 countries. 

Featurespace was created out of Cambridge University’s Engineering Department, co-founded by world-renowned experts in applied statistics, the late Professor Bill Fitzgerald and Dave Excell, Featurespace CTO.

The ARIC platform combines Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and anomaly detection to automatically identify risk and catch new attacks as they happen. The increased accuracy of understanding behavior strikes the balance between improving fraud detection and operational efficiencies, while also reducing the number of genuine transactions that would be incorrectly declined due to traditional rules by as much as 70 percent.