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Building long term partnerships with our customers

Two of our industry experts - Dena Hamilton and Mark Taylor - share their financial crime prevention experience and the importance of partnering with our customers.

Featurespace is committed to continuously strengthening our product, in collaboration with our customers. As fraud and financial crime constantly evolves, it is with the expertise of our own industry experts and our customers that we can identify criminals without affecting the consumer's transaction, ultimately building a world class solution with the industry, for the industry.

Fraud and Financial Crime Expert, Dena Hamilton explains "Featurespace is a very unique company in the fact that we put the customers before anything else. They're not just our customers, they're our partners, and we work hand-in-hand with them."

Watch below:

Mark Taylor, Fraud Market Expert adds "What's impressed me the most at Featurespace is everyone wanting to work together towards the same goal - everyone wants to serve the customer in the best way they can. Every opportunity I've had to work with a customer, it's not been for the short term it's for the long them "

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