Criminals Don’t Follow Rules When It Comes to Fraud. Why Should You?

Wednesday 29th July 2020, 11.00am (SAST)/10.00am (BST)

The South African financial services industry has made significant progress in its fight against fraud. However, banks are fighting highly motivated criminals, both national and international, who have access to unlimited resources to meet their end goal.

In this session our panel of industry experts, with both global and local financial services knowledge, will discuss:

  • Some of the most prolific types of fraud and scam attacks, both local and international, that effect the region
  • How best to detect and prevent these attacks from taking place while minimizing the impact on customers
  • How adopting innovations such as EMV 3DS2 is an opportunity to maintain a competitive advantage

You should join this expert session if you work in fraud and risk prevention and are looking for ways to automatically identify and stop fraud and suspicious activity, while protecting your customers and the business.

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