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Dark Web's Doppelgängers Aim to Dupe Antifraud Systems

In a new article from Communications of the ACM (Association of Computing Machinery), Paul Marks uncovers a new kind of threat from cybercriminals and the impact it is having on anomaly-detecting antifraud measures. In the article, Paul speaks to David Excell, Founder of Featurespace, about the ARIC™ Risk Hub and how it helps companies to construct behavioral profiles - their own kind of doppelgängers -for each consumer in order to identify normal behavior: "Using these profiles, we're able to identify if the interaction for a customer is normal, based on how they've behaved in the past. Typically, a fraudster is revealed when they attempt to monetize their attack, because at that point, their behaviors aren't matching the ones we expect to see from the actual customer."

Click here to read Paul's article on "Dark Web's Doppelgängers Aim to Dupe Antifraud Systems"