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Delighted Customers Give Featurespace an Incredible Net Promoter Score

Ranking close to world class, our customers rated us above the technology industry standard for NPS scores.

Building long lasting partnerships with our customers is crucial to our progress as a business and enables us to further develop and deliver our world-class solution. Featurespace actively seeks to hear from our customers as often as possible to achieve our core value: to surprise and delight our customers. To understand their needs and make sure we are hearing their feedback, we conducted a Net Promoter Score (NPS) survey of our customers, and found following results:

  • A Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 67 - close to world class (70) and well above excellent (50)
  • The score is also above average against the technology industry standard of 60.
  • Out of all customers surveyed, over 70% of accounts responded and were mostly classed as promoters for Featurespace.

The NPS is an index that ranges from -100 to +100 and serves as a proxy to gauge overall customer satisfaction with a company's product, service, and its willingness to recommend to others. Scores are calculated by asking for a recommendation from a score out of 10 and the opportunity to add further comment is provided. Based on their rating, customers are classified as detractors, passives and promoters.

"The Net Promotor Score survey allows us to reflect on what is going well and see what we need to improve", said Michelle Garnham, Head of Customer Success. "Our team goal is to ensure our customers achieve the outcomes they need to fight fraud and financial crime. We do this by engaging regularly with our customers, gaining a deep understanding of their business, and advising them on how to develop their investment in our technology." 

Building successful, global partnerships 

Our customers want a world-class product, stable partnership and continued innovation. Whether implementing a brand-new solution or adding to their existing suite of fraud and AML tools, the incredibly positive response to this survey, shows the Featurespace team are meeting and surpassing expectations. Director of Customer Success for the Americas, Nicole Baxby shares her experience of working with some of the company's largest customers: “It is wonderful to hear that we are easy to work with and constantly bringing new ideas to the table. I am humbled to work with some of the smartest people from around our industry and love collaborating with them to successfully deliver our solution to our customers.”

The importance of building long-term relationships is echoed across the business, Gabriele Santoro, Customer Success Director, commented “With the support of an amazingly cohesive team, we are thrilled that our customers enjoy working with us and repeatedly choose to renew their software with us, to provide the best fraud and AML prevention in the industry.”

"Very professional company with top of the line fraud monitoring service that cares about customer success post the project implementation phase." 

Michael Fabricius, Enfuce

Successfully scaling our offering with customers

The benefits of forming such strong relationships with our customers ensures we are delivering successful product implementations. Managing these projects is always a rewarding experience says Head of Project Management, Amy Turner, who highlights Featurespace's collaborative approach to client projects: "Our aim is always to enter into a project as a partnership with our customers, working closely, openly and collaboratively to ensure the project's success. We pride ourselves on being able to give customers a fantastic Featurespace experience, while delivering a high-quality product that solves their business problem." 

Currently delivering a large and complex programme of work for a Tier 1 Global Bank, Customer Success Director, Katherine Gormley celebrated the excellent engagement and importance of collaborating across the businesses.  "The commitment from our customer is fantastic. We have built a strong relationship where openness and transparency are key. There are large project teams on both sides, so strong governance models and close collaboration is fundamental. The best bits of the role are being able to deliver functionality that brings true business value to the client and being able to celebrate successes as one team."

We are truly honored to be able to successfully deliver our world-class solution as our business and offering has scaled with the trust placed in us by our customers.

Discover ARIC Risk Hub

Find out more about how Featurespace's ARIC Risk Hub can help your business with fraud prevention and Anti-Money Laundering. 

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