July 21, 2016

Edison TV interview Martina King about ARIC platform

Katherine Thompson interviews Martina King, Featurespace CEO, for Edison TV. Watch the video to discover Featurespace’s successes deploying the ARIC platform for fraud prevention and customer management in financial services, gaming and insurance.

Martina speaks about Featurespace’s development out of the University of Cambridge Engineering Department, building a software platform from Adaptive Behavioural Analytics technology. From these beginnings in the gaming sector, protecting customers from fraud, Featurespace has developed into solving the same problems for financial services institutions in banking, payments and insurance.

Watch the video from Edison TV here.

By detecting anomalies, Featurespace’s ARIC platform learns patterns of ‘normal’ behaviour and fraud sticks out like a sore thumb. This enables organisations to block new fraud attacks in real time, while taking costs out of dealing with unhappy customers by accepting more business.

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