The card ecosystem is experiencing considerable changes, from continued migration to EMV, increasing worldwide usage of contactless payments, and the emerging 3DS 2.0 upgrade. Covid-19 has thrown another wrinkle into the mix, making managing fraud across consumer, commercial and pre-paid portfolios a challenging endeavor.

To have a fighting chance, issuers and payment processors must understand the dynamics of card fraud in our current climate and implement the appropriate fraud prevention measures.

David Andre, Senior Vice President of Risk and Fraud at TSYS, Dave Excell, Founder and Karthik Tadinada, Data Scientist Director, both at Featurespace, come together to discuss:

  • The most relevant shifts in the card ecosystem and how they are impacting fraud mitigation
  • The impact of Covid-19 across different card portfolios and how to adapt to this changing behavior
  • Important fraud trends and attacks happening in the card space and how to best manage them

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