How society interacts with merchants has changed, with the majority moving from card present to card not present to maintain their income, and a high number of bricks and mortar stores closing down due to social distancing. It is not only the customer-facing aspect that has had to adapt, but all behind the scenes operations, including fraud prevention teams needing to dynamically adjust their strategies.

The number of non-fraud chargebacks merchants are receiving has increased as much as 25% on previous periods and is expected to continue to disrupt already stretched operational teams.

John Winstel, Leader Fraud and Disputes Product Management at Worldpay, Steve Goddard, Fraud Market Expert and Tom Flowerdew, Lead Data Scientist both at Featurespace discuss the growing challenges facing merchants and acquirers in adapting to the ‘new normal’ presented by the global pandemic.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about the challenges in building models for merchants within a fraud/financial crime prevention solution
  • Discover the importance of correctly labeling events
  • Hear about the changing landscape merchants are facing

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Our Speakers

John Winstel

Leader, Product Management,

Steve Goddard, Low Res

Steve Goddard

Fraud Market Expert,

Tom Flowerdew

Tom Flowerdew

Lead Data Scientist,