January 6, 2016

Was 2016 especially dangerous for celebrities? - Jason Crease, Featurespace Data Analytics Engineer, investigates

Inspired by the media hype around the number of celebrity deaths in 2016, Jason Crease - a Data Analytics Engineer at Featurespace in Cambridge, UK - applied statistical analysis to the question of whether 2016 truly was a cataclysmic year for celebrities.

Jason's analysis on Medium covers both the questions of "What is usually many?" and "What is a celebrity?". His analysis of the problem has been picked up by national UK publications, including The Times

Jason works at Featurespace - the world-leading adaptive behavioural analytics software company - where he applies his data analytics skills to the fraud problems of Featurespace's clients in Financial Services, Insurance and Gaming.

So - was 2016 a particularly bad year for celebrities? Read the article to find out.