18 August 2020

ARIC Risk Hub 3.17 Release End-to-end enterprise financial crime detection and prevention with ARIC V3.17

Enterprise financial crime affects the entire banking and payments value chain, swiftly spreading across industries and geographies. The perpetrators are criminals that increasingly adapt their sophisticated techniques to elude conventional fraud and financial crime detection rules, even more during these unprecedented times. By diversifying their tactics, criminals can quickly seize opportunities to exploit weaknesses and organizations across all sectors must adapt to manage these new risks.

The world leader in enterprise financial crime prevention for fraud and Anti-Money Laundering, Featurespace’s ARIC™ Risk Hub offers banks, payment service providers (PSPs), independent software vendors (ISVs), merchants and acquiring organizations a holistic, cross-channel fraud and financial crime detection and prevention strategy with full model explainability, through a unique combination of Adaptive Behavioral Analytics and machine learning.

Fighting Smarter

Effective financial crime management is much more than ‘good detection’. It requires sophisticated methods to aggregate information across multiple channels, assess risks and investigate suspicious activity in a holistic manner across the entire customer journey. Equipped with enhanced data management, next level analysis and third-party orchestration, ARIC Risk Hub V3.17 introduces the most comprehensive, end-to-end enterprise financial crime detection and prevention strategy in the market.

New ARIC Release Key Functionality:

Holistic Graph Analytics

Significantly extend your analytical modelling capability on use cases like application fraud and anti-money laundering. Holistic Graph Analytics empowers risk teams to simultaneously analyze multiple events, regardless of when they were processed (e.g. in real time, near-real time, or in batch). Using behavioral profile data from historically scheduled runs and graph algorithms, Holistic Graph Analytics models assess risk levels and identify networks and commonalities to detect relationships and anomalous behavior.

Enhanced ARIC Risk Hub V3.17

Easily manage multiple solutions within one platform. Reduce infrastructure costs while having the ability to ingest and analyze the same data across multiple solutions. The ARIC Risk Hub has been further optimized to ensure multiple financial crime teams can use one platform with even greater data and processing efficiency.

ARIC with Managed Services

ARIC Risk Hub V3.17 enables the use of cloud-based SaaS deployments of certain components, such as MongoDB, Kafka, Elasticsearch or PostgreSQL, saving time by eliminating the need to manage and monitor the integrations on a separate platform.

Schema Editor

Gain greater flexibility, independence, and control to make and manage simple schema changes quickly to ingest and analyze new data within the ARIC User Interface (e.g. adding optional fields to existing events from within the ARIC UI).


Attribute Review

A holistic approach to enterprise financial crime, Attribute Review finesses reporting and analytics, enabling risk teams to have greater granularity when investigating suspicious behavior. This granularity of full classification of all high-risk elements in the system greatly enhances model explainability for regulators and offers a superior strategy for enterprise financial crime prevention.

Having to navigate the combination of evolving criminal tactics, changing customer habits, payments technology and regulatory landscape is presenting new challenges to financial institutions. However, while criminals will always look to take advantage of digital vulnerabilities, ARIC Risk Hub V3.17 unlocks new capabilities to stay ahead of criminals and delivers results unmatched by traditional methods.