June 02, 2017

Featurespace “one of the most exciting young software companies in the UK today” - Megabuyte

Following the Megabuyte Emerging Stars CEO Workshop and Dinner last week, Megabuyte is summarising the lessons taken from their business management and corporate strategies sessions. In the first of two articles, Ian Spence looks at business management, in which Featurespace CEO Martina King, offered up her expertise.  

At the event, Martina spoke in depth about building partnerships, both during negotiations and once the partnership is established. She emphasised that it is important to do the right thing for the relationship; hiding problems or being unwilling to compromise will ultimately damage the partnership.

Featurespace is the world-leader in Adaptive Behavioural Analytics. The ARIC platform is helping organisations in financial services, gaming and insurance tackle fraud, as it occurs. At the same time, ARIC reduces the number of genuine customers that would traditionally be blocked, in order to catch fraud. 

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