Cambridge, UK. 23 March 2018

Featurespace wins Anti-fraud Solution at FStech Awards 

Real-time machine learning solution recognised as Anti-fraud Solution of the Year 

Featurespace, the leading multinational machine learning company for fraud prevention and risk management, has been awarded Anti-fraud Solution of the Year at the FStech Awards. 

The FStech Awards, now in their 18th year, recognise excellence and innovation in the field of information technology within the UK and EMEA financial services sector. 

Martina King, Featurespace CEO, commented: 

"Our clients want to keep their own customers safe from fraud attacks and we continue to innovate and develop our world-class product to defend them. 

On behalf of our customers, this award recognises the impact that our real-time, machine learning, fraud prevention technology is making to the financial services industry.” 

Featurespace is the world leader in adaptive behavioural analytics, delivered via its machine learning ARIC platform. ARIC uses anomaly detection to analyse complex data streams in real time, building individual statistical profiles for each customer. 

The ARIC platform models a pattern of normal or ‘good’ behaviour and detects anomalies, which enables it to identify fraud attacks as they happen, reducing the costs associated with managing fraud. Simultaneously, ARIC reduces the number of genuine transactions incorrectly declined, enabling businesses to accept more revenue. 

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Want to know how we're fighting fraud with Adaptive Behavioural Analytics?

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For further information, please contact: 

Rebecca Lewis 
Head of Marketing • Featurespace 

+44 (0) 7841 206976

About Featurespace - 

Featurespace™ is the world-leader in Adaptive Behavioural Analytics and creator of the ARIC™ platform, a real-time, machine learning software system developed out of the University of Cambridge.

Head-quartered in Cambridge, UK, and Atlanta, GA, Featurespace has deployed ARIC to financial services and gaming organisations that have services or products deployed in over 180 countries. Customers include TSYS®, Ally Bank, Worldpay, Playtech, Paddy Power Betfair, Vocalink Zapp, CashFlows and William Hill.

The ARIC™ platform – a real-time, AI software system – monitors individual behaviours and detects anomalies to identify risk and catch new fraud attacks as they happen. The increased accuracy of understanding customer behaviour simultaneously reduces the number of genuine customers whose purchases and transactions are incorrectly declined.