Featurespace speak to Cambridge Independent as 100+ new jobs to be created in Cambridge

Featurespace’s CEO Martina King on its mission, growth and the impact of AI

Featurespace’s mission is clear.

It was set by the late Professor Bill Fitzgerald, of the University of Cambridge, who formed the company with his PhD student, Dave Excell.

“When Prof Bill was dying he asked us to help make the company as commercially successful as he was academically. That’s an incredible mission,” says CEO Martina King.

“He was one of the top five experts in machine learning in the world. When you’ve got that academic excellence, nothing short of a truly global British technology company that’s battling fraud attacks across the world is going to be enough.

“That is a huge motivator for me.”

Featurespace’s ARIC platform employs adaptive behavioural analytics to help companies detect fraud and manage risk.

It has taken the gaming industry by storm and is being widely adopted across the finance and insurance industries.

Such is Featurespace’s growth that Martina says the firm is likely to need another 100 recruits this year – such as data scientists, implementation engineers and test engineers.

Read the full interview here.

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