March 03, 2017

Financial Services expert, Sean Neary, appointed

Cambridge, UK. Sean Neary has joined Featurespace as a Subject Matter Expert in Financial Services risk management.

Sean joins Featurespace from Barclaycard where he worked in operations and risk technology for over 10 years. 

Sean brings his Financial Services industry expertise and insight to his role at Featurespace. As a Subject Matter Expert, his role will be to ensure that Featurespace’s ARIC platform development matches the risk management needs and requirements of the Financial Services sector.

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Sean Neary, Featurespace Financial Services expert, commented:
“I joined Featurespace after years of working with, and selecting, risk management systems. It was this deep understanding of the market that led me to choose to work for the best risk management company and I’m pleased to join the talented Featurespace team.”
Martina King, Featurespace CEO, commented:
“Our Financial Services customers have informed us that we have the most advanced risk management system on the market. Sean is here to ensure that we continue to exceed their expectations and we are delighted to welcome him to our team.”

Sean has been in the Financial Services risk management industry for over ten years. Starting his career in the operational environment at Barclaycard, Sean progressed from frontline analyst to complex risk management and its technology.

Sean will be presenting The Good, the Bad and the Fraudulent: Understanding behaviour with machine learning at the upcoming e-Crime Fraud Forum, on 8 March 2017 in London.
Ahead of the e-Crime Fraud Forum, Sean has given his 10 fraud predictions for 2017, see his article on Understanding behaviour with machine learning.