October 19, 2017

Fixing the fraud problem: The Dana Barrett Show interviews Dave Excell

U.S business commentator and critic, Dana Barrett speaks to Dave Excell, Featurespace co-founder and CTO, on tackling fraud with machine learning and discusses how fraud issues experienced in the U.K are migrating to the U.S.

The Tech Tuesday segment on the Dana Barrett Show discussed the principles of Featurespace’s real-time machine learning technology and how it’s “extremely timely right now” for consumer fraud protection, particularly with the vast amount of data breaches and hacks occurring globally.

With so much data at risk of falling into the wrong hands, Dana and Dave discuss how Featurespace’s fraud prevention software understands the ‘good behaviour’ of each consumer. This approach not only blocks more fraud as it happens, but also means that ‘normal’ behaviour is easier to understand, reducing the consumer frustration of a card being blocked incorrectly.

Listen to the show’s highlights featuring Dave here.