September 01, 2017

Growing pains or growing gains? Business Weekly interview with Dave Excell

For their annual Brain Gain edition, Business Weekly feature an insightful interview with Featurespace Founder and CTO Dave Excell. 

Using his experience in making a business born out of academia a global success story, Dave explores the strategies business leaders can follow to scale up - from listenting to customers to ensuring quality and making sure the right team is in place:

"Market focus has always played a big part in our journey from university spin-out to where we are now: a successful business delivering software solutions to financial services, gaming, and insurance companies worldwide. Working closely with our customers has always been important to our business growth. Creating a product can be a great academic exercise, but to create a lasting business, it has to be commercially viable for yourself and your potential customers." - Dave Excell, Founder and CTO at Featurespace

Read Business Weekly's Brain Gain edition here and head to page 17 to read Dave's interview.