March 21, 2018

Human impact: How machine learning is already a force for good

Dave Excell writes for CBR (Computer Business Review) explaining how, in this new digital revolution, machine learning is already showing evidence of being a force for good in solving real-world customer problems.

Dave explores how real-time machine learning is already having a positive impact on our everyday lives – from monitoring fraudulent bank transactions to using chatbots to interact with consumer brands.

Far from the fear and doubt often spread about the ‘rise of the machines’, the CBR article looks at how machine learning is enabling certain industries to become more efficient and effective – enabling humans to increase their skills in broader areas.

"Our last revolution enabled the production of machines that mechanised repetitive tasks. Today, the current wave of innovation is enabling machines to improve their own efficiency and automate functions that were previously solely dependent upon human intelligence."

Read the full article here.


Discover how machine learning is leading the fight against fraud

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