Hypepotamus Interviews Martina King on fighting crime and the importance of a diverse workforce in fraud prevention.

10th April 2019
Martina King Martina King CEO

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Martina King sees her tech teams as a crime fighting force.

As CEO of payments fraud prevention company Featurespace, King oversees a workforce 200 strong across two continents. The UK-based executive, named one of the most influential women in payments, joined the company following executive roles in media, technology, and retail.

Featurespace was her first payments company, and years after coming on, she says she is still amazed by her employees “on the frontlines.”

“They are always trying to do the best they can to protect their clients and their consumers by creating the best possible technology to fight the criminals,” she says. “And because of that, in the payments sector, I found it to be really open and receptive to new methodologies — because they’re fighting crime.”

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