PaymentEye interviewed Martina on the importance of tackling fraud, the common cases of fraud and how Featurespace was created.

PaymentEye’s Alara Basul interviewed Martina King, CEO of Featurespace to find out more about the technology behind Featurespace and the latest in Fraud trends. Martina stressed the importance of being able to identify and stop fraud in real-time – without it, you cannot “stay ahead of the fraudster” and protect your business or your customers.

The ARIC™ Risk Hub uses real-time, machine learning technology, to determine “normal” behaviour. It then uses anomaly detection to spot the fraud that is occurring. This can be used to spot both known and previously unseen fraud types and can tackle a huge range of different fraud problems, from application fraud (as highlighted by Martina) to social engineering, when a customer may be being coerced using vishing or phishing schemes into giving their money to criminals. Find out whether your company could benefit from the ARIC™ platform.

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