In this episode of The EDC podcast, Martin Koderisch sits down with Dave Excell to discuss his journey from PhD graduate to founder of the award-winning fraud prevention technology company Featurespace.

In this podcast, David Excell, founder of Featurespace, discussed with Martin Koderisch, host of The EDC podcast, his journey from PhD graduate at the Department of Engineering of Cambridge University to founding an award-winning company that detects and prevents financial crime, with the mission of “Making the world a safer place to transact”.

In the episode, David talks about the great influence that his supervisor, Professor Bill Fitzgerald, had on the development of the ground-breaking technology that is at the core of Featurespace – ARIC™ Risk Hub, Featurespace’s proprietary machine learning technology that understands what a customer’s ‘normal’ behavior looks like and accurately separate ‘good’ behavior from ‘bad’. Today, Financial Institutions can stop fraud in its tracks while reducing the number of genuine activities being declined.

Listen to discover how Featurespace developed from start-up in the field of gaming fraud detection, to a globally recognised leader in the field of fraud and financial crime prevention and how Featurespace continues its journey of innovation in the field of machine learning.