“I have found Udemy to be an invaluable resource for planning and building knowledge that is not only relevant to my work, but also for personal growth.
I separate my learning into two categories: the first is learning that is needed for my ongoing work, and the second is future topics that I would like to explore to expand my skills.
With a vast library of courses on various topics, Udemy has enabled me to explore new areas and acquire new skills that are directly applicable to my work.”

Sergey Vinickiy, Engineer


“Being sponsored by Featurespace to complete a professional qualification in my field of work was hugely beneficial for me. I have been able to study in my own time as part of my continuous development which has helped improve my knowledge of the field, and my confidence. The commitment Featurespace has shown me has helped me personally within my current role and is something I will benefit from throughout my future career.”

Amy Reddick, HR Manager


“My name had been put forward for the Confident Club training due to be run in October 2022, and with little information provided in advance, it was with slight trepidation that I attended the course, especially as it was taking two days out of an already busy schedule.  However, I needn’t have worried.  Although the course took all the attendees out of their comfort zone, to a greater or lesser extent, I think we all would agree we left the course with a different perspective.  I’ve had to deliver a few presentations since, and I have felt much less anxious in undertaking them all, and the techniques that we learned have helped greatly in terms of preparing for other situations too, even subconsciously.  I’d highly recommend Steve, Curly & Ricky’s training, and I’m grateful that someone had the presence of mind to suggest me for it in the first place.”

Howard Robson, Director of Product Management


“Featurespace have been incredibly supportive with opportunities and progression over the last 6 years. Enabling me to take my career to the next level by supporting me through my Executive MBA programme, Including allowing me dedicated study time and supporting flexible working around my lectures. The Executive MBA provided the academic grounding to propel me forwards, giving me the skills and confidence to achieve that next step where I can become a role model and leader for women in technology.”

Sophia Qureshi, Director of Consulting Services