Life at Featurespace:
Anna Granta, Machine Learning Engineer

Having worked in various programming roles for the last 10 years, Anna wanted to be more involved with customers and tackle problems that would have an impact in the real world. Originally joining the company as an Analytics Support Engineer, Anna is now a Machine Learning Engineer - and part of a newly formed team at Featurespace that plays a vital role in supporting our data scientists. 

I came to Featurespace because I was interested in talking to customers more and solving real world problems. Previously, I'd found that some of my roles in engineering were a bit isolating and the feedback cycle was a bit slow. When I first joined, I had a lot of conversations around what would be the best fit for me and in the end, we were able to create my current role to fit in with my skills and expertise as well as the needs of the business. After returning from maternity leave, I knew I would be able to use all my engineering experience and make a real impact when it came to the new Machine Learning Engineering team which is part of Data Science.

Helping data scientists achieve the best results, together

Using Java, Python and a little bit of HTML, our job involves creating tools that enable our data scientists to work much quicker, be more effective and ensure that great engineering practices are embedded from the beginning - ultimately making their jobs easier. These tools cover the range of their workflow, from data pipelining, cleaning and ingestion, to model iteration and how it displays so the data scientists can get the most out of it and scope out any improvements. This helps them explain to our customers how models are performing and how their decisions impact the model.

It's interesting as we have lots of ideas and requests from people around the company about what they would love us to produce to help them build even better fraud models, much quicker. This is a new team that's expanding, and we directly input and decide what will have the most impact for our data scientists.

The nice thing about working in this team is that our stakeholders are internal, so if we have a question or want to talk through things, we can pop by their desk and just ask. As the work is being done, we're able to receive feedback quickly from colleagues directly.

A growing and ambitious team developing in a collaborative and fun environment

I love working at Featurespace because of the people and the flexible working. It's great to be surrounded everyday by smart, likeminded people who are at the forefront of their fields doing interesting things but without the ego that sometimes comes with it! The freedom that you're given here, especially when it comes to career progression is really amazing. ­

Mentoring the more junior memebers of my team is also enjoyable. We have on-going conversations together around whether we're developing the right solutions for our users or if we're writing the code in the best possible way. It's great to work somewhere where you can have those conversations and work freely.

It's a really exciting time for our growing team, we're looking for bright people that are willing to learn and be flexible as well as those with experience in building high performing, quality software in an iterative and agile environment and like everything we do at Featurespace, the customer needs at the forefront of the process.


If you are a bright individual who is passionate about innovative technology used across the world to fight fraud, we'd love to hear from you!

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