13 August 2018

Life at Featurespace:

More than just Business As Usual - meet our Customer Technical Support team

Your average experience with Featurespace’s Customer Support team is anything but average. This expanding team is not just ‘business as usual’ when it comes to our customer’s delivery phase, they make every customer experience truly personal.

From creating client care packages and client visits to building an office sweet shop, chocolate fountains for birthdays, Featurespace’s Customer Support team are an integral part of the business and help provide rapid and valuable solutions to our customers all around the world.

Our Customer Support team give us a brief insight into daily life in their department and show us that it’s certainly not all work and no play.

Why is customer support so important to the business?

It’s not just customer support and it goes beyond ‘business as usual’ (BAU) support – we’re helping the customer enjoy the rest of the journey with the product and the company. Once the customer transitions into BAU, they’re under the cover of the support team and we become a part of their ongoing relationship with the company.

They’re using the product every day and we are there for them all the time, not just when they need us the most. It’s one of the most important stages of delivery as this is the longest amount of time a client will be interacting with a team member at Featurespace. After delivery, we are their main point of contact, so we want them left with good feeling when they do get in touch. We build strong relationships with everyone we interact with, so they’re able to engage with us in many ways and at any point.

Delivering a good experience after the platform is up and running is absolutely paramount, they need to know they’re working with the best, so we are always personal and professional. They can troubleshoot any queries, big or small and if there are any issues, they get resolved quickly and efficiently.

Day to day, what’s it like to work in Customer Support department at Featurespace?

Every single day is a surprise at Featurespace, we really don’t have a normal day in the office! We adhere to the work hard, play hard mantra. Collectively, we problem-solve but that’s just one portion of the day, we also assign some time to improving different aspects of our processes.

What we do on a daily basis is to try and bring some personality to the service we are providing. That can be anything from how we come across in emails or calls or even dedicating time to surprise and delight our customers, for example we recently sent care packages to our gaming clients during the World Cup as we know it’s a particularly stressful time for them.

Featurespace has a nurturing environment and is really a people place. You don’t get pigeonholed into doing just one thing, you get the opportunity to try your hand at different things. It’s not about sitting at your desk, working through emails and then you clock in and clock out - there is a sense of togetherness that comes into play. 

We take time to go for regular team lunches, re-stock the sweet shop or celebrate birthdays, anniversaries and more (usually with lots of food!) but equally, we can take time for ourselves and play football or just take a break from work. We like to set a good example on how to do things a little differently, you need to bring your personality to the job and you need to be anything but boring.

What sort of challenges do you all tend to come up against?

Challenges can come on many different levels. Firstly, good communication is key – you need to ensure that you and the customer are on the same page, even if you’re on different time zones. It’s a big part of the role. We have a lot of product knowledge that needs to be communicated effectively back to the customer, but you also need to anticipate any potential pain points and ensure they don’t happen.

Having a complex and technical product is a challenge in itself but,we challenge ourselves to always be the best and really exceed a customer’s expectations. Everybody wants to deliver the best product possible to our customers and with that comes the service and support we give them, both technically and professionally. The last thing we want is to provide a boring and predictable experience for our customers.

In turn, what makes working in this part of the business so rewarding?

One of the most rewarding parts of this team is that people pay attention to what we have to say. Everything really gets taken on board, not just by customers but by other teams in the company. We’re not restricted and told how to exactly do our job, we have the freedom to be creative, to express ourselves and find the right solution on our own.

We really enjoy building up the relationship with each customer. Whether it’s short term with someone who you haven’t spoken to much and just need to help fix their issue, or long-term where you get to know them from the start of product deployment. We build up a history with them, so they are never just tickets coming through the system, they are people you know, which helps you better understand how to provide the right fix for their problem. When you have done something that makes an actual difference, such as solving a customer’s challenging problem and you both took the time to work on it together, it’s so rewarding. It’s always nice to be able to go and visit the customers too, as you get to know them more and better understand what their day-to-day world looks like.

What sort of skills and traits does it take to be part of customer support, what do you need to be an effective team member?

It’s important to distinguish between skills, which you can train and develop, and personal attributes. In our team, you need a sense of humour and a lot of patience, but you also need to be driven and motivated. Technical knowledge and expertise is necessary in this role and but it is also about how you communicate that knowledge to the customer, you need to be clear and comprehensive but also friendly and trustworthy. Trust is very important, we are in front of customers every single day and they rely on us to do our best for them.

For us, we’re always looking at how we can continually improve what we deliver. It’s something that any new member needs to be keen to be involved with, whether that’s suggesting improvements to functions and processes, something extra we can do for our customers, or personal self-development.

As a team, we each bring different strengths and skills to the table. We need to continue finding people that have the right balance of technical expertise as well as emotional intelligence, which is necessary to provide the most excellent support around. It’s important to find the right person who has an appetite to achieve great things and make a real difference. We’re always looking for something new and individual to be bought to the team.

Together, we want to make a difference to our team, to the company and ultimately help the customer succeed - that’s what it’s about.

Interested in joining Narciso's team?

If you are a bright individual who is passionate about innovative technology used across the world to fight fraud, Featurespace are currently hiring.  

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