Life at Featurespace:
Emanuele Levi, Technical Architect

Emanuele's studies in Mathematics and Physics led him to join Featurespace initially as an Implementation Engineer in 2017, enabling him to work with some of the company’s key clients in banking and payments, before shifting to a Technical Architect role in 2018. Here, he shares his insights on his time working as part of Featurespace’s core product delivery team in Cambridge.  

I was a mathematically-minded teenager and interested in how to apply mathematics to real life problems, so physics felt like a path for me. I specialised in theoretical Physics, completed my PhD in Mathematics and later worked as a post doctorate, but I wanted to make a difference using theoretical physics, helping to produce a valuable product for a client. That’s what led me to this role and to Featurespace. 

I wanted to use the skillset in mathematics that I had built up over my career and apply it to everyday problems. Fraud is an important and exciting problem to solve, particularly now. I could see machine learning was an interesting way to approach fighting fraud and as Featurespace is a world leader in the industry, I knew I had to go for it. 

Solving real-world problems: daily life in the Implementation & Delivery team  

What has pleasantly surprised me most about my daily life at Featurespace is my working environment – I was not expecting such a friendly and team-orientated bunch!  I enjoy the range of work I experience daily, tackling very different problems in different fields of the business, while using my previous knowledge and skills. As an implementation engineer, the role combines aspects from coding to theoretical but you also gain exposure to the customer.  

The variety really attracted me to this role, it’s enjoyable because you can spend time coding a very specific solution for the software and on the same day you can have a call directly with a customer – talking about their business problems and how you can solve them. Problem solving is paramount and you have to apply it in lots of ways. 

I’ve particularly enjoyed travelling to work with MIT, one of our international payment processor clients who are based in Mexico, which was really cool. They wanted to stop fraud and their team of developers are keen to get the platform up and running – it’s nice because it feels like we are working with them, not for them. 

Mentoring and support 

At Featurespace, we have a thorough initial training process and any new implementation engineers are mentored and assisted when working on their first projects, so there's always a helping hand available. We have annual reviews in which we discuss career plans and how you want to grow professionally – development opportunities are one of the central topics of the discussion.  

My top tip for a career in Implementation Engineering 

The most precious advice I have is keep an open mind, because the variety is something to be prepared for. You’ll find yourself managing lots of different aspects, from working on code to working directly with the client – you have to have an open mindset. If you want a job that’s highly stimulating, requires you to apply your knowledge and want to do it in a friendly and supportive environment that will develop and acknowledge your efforts, then Featurespace is the place to be.   


If you are a bright individual who is passionate about innovative technology used across the world to fight fraud, Featurespace are currently hiring.  

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