“Experience in implementations, processing platforms, integrated data, data science, and model governance is critical and cannot be accomplished with AI and machine learning alone. Issuers look to purchase a platform they can rely on, and they trust TSYS and Featurespace experts who have a track record in successfully deploying and maintaining the advanced adaptive machine learning model.”

With the increasing digitalization of the global economy and fraud and financial crime on the rise with the growth of digital transactions, this IDC spotlight paper examines optimal ways for financial institutions, retailers, healthcare providers, and fintechs to detect fraud and reduce customer friction, address the challenges posed by using traditional fraud detection, and realize the benefits of deploying adaptive machine learning technology.

Positive customer experiences are critical to the sustained growth of any organization. Protecting customers against fraud, while at the same time delivering positive payment experiences, is fundamental for financial services institutions.

Learn how banks leveraging adaptive machine learning models can reduce their long-term operational costs of fraud management while also reducing customer friction and why two out of three banks consider expertise in advanced data analytics and data management to be a key factor when selecting a technology provider to protect against fraud and financial crime.