August 08, 2017

Rolling the dice - Payments Cards & Mobile

Joyrene Thomas explores how new technology in the gaming industry's highly regulated environment impacts risk when acquiring gambling merchants. 

With gambling volumes high, so the associated risks also increase: “There’s the financial loss associated with fraud. There’s the operational cost of making sure that these things are managed correctly. There’s also the reputational risk if an operator is associated with lots of bad transactions. That has a negative connotation to customers, but also within the industry, “ explains Dave Excell.

Managing these risks is crucial to a gambling operator’s success: “The gambling industry is usually at the forefront of using new technologies to mitigate risks and understand payments. They are always trialling new and emerging technologies and using that as a competitive advantage,” Excell continues. 

With a wealth of data at their hands, organisations can benefit from software solutions such as Featurespace’s ARIC Fraud Hub, which uses Adaptive Behavioural Analytics to identify anomalies in a customer’s behaviour that may indicate fraud. By combining these insights with other information about the customer, it is a powerful tool in the fight against fraud.

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