October 14, 2016

TechMarketView highlights Featurespace in Imperial Innovations update 

Anthony Miller, self confessed "flag-waver for Imperial Innovations", discussed the recent Year-end results from Imperial Innovations (IVO) in his 'UK Hot Views' article. In the article, he makes note of the increased investment from IVO in Featurespace earlier this year, as part of Featurespace's funding round which raised £6.2m ($9m), to move into the global market.

Miller also highlights Featurespace as one of the first companies to participate in the TechMarketView Little British Battler programme, which supports and champions British SME's "punching above their weight". 

Featurespace's innovative technology uses Adaptive Behavioural Analytics to prevent fraud in real-time. Using deep machine learning enables the ARIC Platform to develop from every new attack in real time, so the models do not degrade and our customers can automatically adapt to new fraud. It also allows ARIC to recognise the “normal” behavioural patterns of individuals at a granular level, resulting in highly accurate anomaly detection and a proven 70% reduction in genuine customers being declined. This also means that there is zero manual tuning required, even after an attack, freeing up operational time for more important tasks.

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