Corner Office Conversations with Martina King

Martina King recently sat down with Melissa Moss, co-chair of The Thread, TSYS' professional development council, to discuss a range of topics on her radar, including the value of data, the power of numbers, staying agile and lessons from the dot-com bust. 

King recently read that only eight percent of CEOs in the financial services industry were female. A rather gloomy stat pulled from a 2016 Oliver Wyman study, the research revealed how far away the fintech industry is from true gender inclusion – for half the world's population.

As CEO of Featurespace and one of PaymentSource's Most Influential Women in Payments for 2018, King acknowledges her status as an outlier. With extensive experience in media technology, including leadership roles at Aurasma, Yahoo! Europe and Capital Radio, she's catapulted from one accomplishment to another as a powerful female leader. Yet, she also strives to leave the door open behind her for even more women and underrepresented groups to follow in her footsteps.

Read the highlights and watch the interview here.

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Meet the fantastic four fighting fraud and financial crime with Featurespace.

Wondering what makes an IT Hero tick? We caught up with Featurespace's shortlisted Women in IT Excellence ‘Heroes of the Year’, Lucy Griffin, Megan Leoni, Reka Gay and Milena Jonkisz, to hear more about their careers so far, what drives them, and what advice they would share with others thinking about pursuing a career in technology.

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