September 21, 2016

UK Tech Clusters map lists Featurespace in machine learning hub

This week, BBC news has highlighted Featurespace as being at the centre of the data analytics, machine learning and artificial intelligence hub in one of the UK’s top Tech Clusters.

The report, published in conjunction with Nesta, revisited a Tech City UK report, listing the tech clusters of the UK, as part of the BBC Tech Talent week. It revealed that there are 1.5 million “digital tech” jobs in the UK, and it is growing fast; tech hubs have sprung up across the country, including Cambridge.

BBC Tech Cluster listThe Tech City UK report also emphasised that the Cambridge area has the highest proportion of international customers, with 1 in 6 customers of the tech market in Cambridge, based in North America.

Featurespace was named in the BBC article as one of the notable tech companies headquartered in the city. The report’s findings mirror the recent expansion of Featurespace into the US market, and Featurespace’s world-leading position in the machine learning fraud prevention market.

Cambridge, one of the oldest technology clusters in the UK, benefits from the largest collections of research parks in the UK, and has produced 15 digital tech companies valued at over a billion dollars. Digital tech businesses like Featurespace benefit from a highly skilled talent pipeline from the University of Cambridge, and a wide-reaching support community. Whilst it has produced many high-value tech companies, leading corporates such as Amazon, HP, Microsoft, Spotify and Apple, also have an established presence in Cambridge, driving the tech hub label.

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