September 01, 2017

Webinar - The Fast and the Fraudulent: tackling online fraud in real-time

Join industry experts Simon Rushforth and Sean Neary on 13 September for a detailed look at how fraudsters exploit an organisation's weaknesses and what tools can help detect and prevent fraud attacks in real-time. 

Fraud is a challenge affecting organisations worldwide and fraudster are constantly looking for new ways to attack. In this webinar hosted by Merchant Risk Council, we will be looking at how fraudsters develop their techniques, how they choose the cards they compromise, and how they use them.  

Simon and Sean will also explore practical ways of how we as an industry can prevent falling victim to fraudsters. 

"The end goal for fraudsters is to realise their ill-gotten gains by “cashing out” in some way. Depending on the industry, fraudsters will achieve this in different ways but the end result is the same: businesses lose product (be that digital or physical) and also suffer payment fraud at the front of this process. Knowing the fraudsters' end goal is good, but it is equally important to know how they gets started in their career, why they chose a certain industry as a target and how we can stop them." - Simon Rushforth, Subject Matter Expert at Featurespace

When? 13 September 2017 at 4:00 PM CET (7:00 AM PST)

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