Source: ThoughtLDR

During Cambridge Tech Week, an event in partnership with The Europas, a fireside chat between Martina King, CEO at Featurespace, and TechCrunch Editor-at-Large, Mike Butcher took place.

The conversation delved into Featurespace’s remarkable journey from a University of Cambridge spin-out to a global leader over the past decade. Martina King, described as a “legend” by Mike Butcher, has a diverse career background, from CEO of Capital Radio to Managing Director of Yahoo Europe. She even played a pivotal role in launching one of the world’s first augmented reality platforms. She has also held board positions in FTSE-listed companies like Capita and Debenhams.

Over the last ten years, Martina has led Featurespace as its CEO, guiding the company evolution from academic research to a top-tier machine learning platform serving clients such as HSBC, Worldpay, and NatWest Group.

The conversation touched upon poignant moments, including the loss of co-founder Professor Bill Fitzgerald to cancer and the commitment Martina made to make the company as commercially successful as it has been academically.

Martina also shared insights into what early-stage companies need to do to win customers and drew parallels between managing technical teams and managing radio DJs, while offering unique perspective on the challenges and strategies involved in building a world-beating tech company.

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