6 March 2019

Your fraud solution, your choice – more control and even better insights with ARIC™ 3.13

Fraudsters constantly change their MO to find and exploit loopholes in your organization's fraud detection system. State of the art fraud defenses like Featurespace's ARIC Fraud Hub already use machine learning technology to detect fraud before it can do any harm, but organizations need full insight and control to truly stay on top of the challenge.

Speaking to fraud and risk management teams, we often hear concerns about AI and machine learning systems being deployed as 'black box systems' that do not offer the teams using them the option to optimize and finetune even the basics, like the user interface.

Why is it important to have more control?

Enabling organizations to take control of their fraud prevention has always been at the core of what we do - now, by coupling the latest 3rd party technology with in-house intelligence and analytics, organizations can get ahead of fraudsters instead of playing a never-ending game of catchup.

With the ARIC 3.13, we are making the ARIC experience even better. By giving you more control and actionable insights, you can significantly speed up internal processes, easily adjust models and rules, and quickly find the information you need to investigate cases.

Take a look at the new key features in ARIC 3.13:

Behavioral Biometrics Visualization

Monitoring behavior and detecting when it deviates from the norm is the founding principal of the ARIC platform. Specific information about how a user navigates a website - how they type, how they use the mouse, and more - can now be visualized to give fraud agents an invaluable tool to identify account takeover, bot activity and other types of fraud.

Find out more about Behavioral Biometrics and how it can help detect 79% more fraud here.

UI Enhancements and Export Functionality

ARIC 3.13 further enhances the user experience by adding more specific filters to the activity timeline, UI field configuration, enabling more input fields to support more detailed incident management workflows, and adding a cumulative risk score to give users more options for displaying and visualizing incident risk scores.

In addition, your chosen configuration can be exported and imported so you can easily migrate it from one environment to another (e.g. from test to production) or back up your preferred UI configuration.

Enhanced Business Intelligence Integration with Tableau

Featurespace is supplementing its offering with an enhanced BI suite, provisioned through Tableau, a world-leading BI suite offering. A strong enhancement to ARIC's existing reporting capabilities, Tableau allows users to view pre-generated reports and data series as well as analyze and visualize data in a powerful and in-depth way.

Analytics Management and Governance

Improvements to features such as model governance, classifier management and Sandbox Replay enable you to check model performance and ensure it remains at its peak. By giving you more insights into ARIC's inner workings, we are moving even further away from being a 'black box', making this a solution centered around you.

More, more, more!

In addition to these key features, ARIC now integrates with H2O and TensorFlow model formats, offers enhanced model lifecycle resiliency, optimized security to meet the high security standards of large enterprises, as well as performance improvements.

To see how ARIC could help your team fight fraud, please schedule your demo below, or, if you're an existing customer and would like to talk about upgrading, please contact your account manager.

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