ARIC™ Fraud Hub

Featurespace’s ARIC Fraud Hub monitors all your customer data in real-time across multiple channels, using Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to spot anomalies and block new fraud attacks as they occur. At the same time, Featurespace recognizes your genuine customers without blocking their activity.

It is live and deployed in some of the world's largest banks, payments processors, merchant acquirers, insurance companies and gaming organizations. 

It all means reduced fraud costs, happier customers, and increased revenue.

Latest Release: ARIC White Label

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Monitor and protect your customers

Easy end-to-end case management
Monitor fraud and customer acceptance workflows for each individual customer, from one easy-to-use dashboard.
Smart cross-channel monitoring
Understand behavior across multiple data inputs and detect pivoting attacks as they happen.
Identify fraud hotspots at a glance
See fraud trends based on alert volumes and easily identify where fraud is happening geographically.

A new tool for smarter analytics
Adaptive Behavioral Biometrics allows analysts to visualize and compare a user's behavior in different sessions, spot anomalies and identify cases of account takeover, chargeback fraud, as well as detect bot, malware and MITM attacks.

Clear individual risk scores with readable alerts
Monitor risk scores from the dashboard, and get alerts with clear reason codes as anomalies occur. 

Real-time machine learning anomaly detection 
Automate real-time anomaly detection and share case priorities amongst your fraud prevention team.

Understand links between events
Analyze links between events and individuals when reviewing an account – fraud is rarely a one-off event.

Detect anomalies as they happen


Real-time alerts and reporting workflow

Customize alert activity timelines and reports
Decide which customer activity you want to view, based on your business needs - for example, filter by transaction types or view the activity of a customer over time.

Build business rules
Implement simple and complex business rules alongside Adaptive Behavioral Analytics. 

Open Model Manager
Import and manage your own PMML data science models alongside ARIC's behavioral models for even more powerful analysis. 

Sandbox Replay
Test the performance impact of changes to the analytics without affecting the live system.
4-eyes authorisation of changes
Audit proposed new model, rule and risk strategies, add comments and approve before they go live.
Easy version control of new strategies
Configure analytics and revert fraud analyst changes - all from one easy-to-use dashboard screen.
PCI-DSS compliance
Your customer card data is secure in our PCI-DSS certified environment. 

Robust analytical governance  



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