ARIC™ Responsible Gambling

Featurespace’s ARIC Responsible Gambling monitors all your player data in real-time across multiple channels, using Adaptive Behavioural Analytics to spot markers of harm that indicate a player may be ‘at risk’.  You can intervene to protect your players and maintain a healthy player population.

It all means a healthy player base, safer playing environment and compliance with responsible gambling legislation.

Protect every player

Monitor the health of all players at an individual and global level, including those at risk of harm.

Maintain a healthy player base

Understand player health and intervene in-product as well as via email and SMS to prevent the risk of harm.

Demonstrate compliance

Confidently demonstrate compliance with responsible gambling legislation.

Award-winning gaming solution 

Featurespace has been awarded E-Gaming Review’s prestigious Fraud and Compliance Solution for two years running: 2014 for ARIC Fraud Manager and 2015 for ARIC Responsible Gambling.

Sounds good?

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Monitor global player health 

  • Easy-to-use dashboard 

View the health of your global player population, from one user interface.

Spot individuals at risk of harm 

  • Intelligent analysis of in-game activity 

Manage fraud workflows and share case priorities amongst your fraud prevention team.

Smart, automated interventions 

  • Maintain a healthy player base

Intervene with ‘at risk’ players, in-game and via email, SMS and online

Real-time alerts and reporting 

  • Readable alerts you can understand  

Get alerts with clear reason codes to prioritise further action. 

  • Easy custom reports 

Easily create custom reports from the dashboard report manager. 

World’s largest Harm Minimisation project 

Complying with responsible gambling legislation is a challenge for the gaming industry. Featurespace and NatCen were chosen by the Responsible Gambling Trust to participate in a world-leading investigation into harmful patterns of play on gaming machines.

Featurespace’s Adaptive Behavioural Analytics measured the predictability of each individual player’s interactions. The research identified players at risk of harmful play who would require intervention.

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