Real time transaction monitoring for PSPs & Merchant Acquirers with award-winning machine learning

Instantly Catch Suspicious Merchant and Customer Behavior

Get a clear view of payment risks with real time multi-entity profiling of key parties like merchants, issuers and customers.

Pinpoint illicit behavior regardless of a lack of historical context, using award-winning Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to peer-profile entities’ behavior against those with similar characteristics.

Quickly detect anomalous activity using the most dynamic and innovative profiling techniques, while minimizing false positives.

Asset 121Detection

Surface Unknown Threats

Detect new suspicious activity with unparalleled anomaly detection

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Multi-Entity Analysis

Analyze transactions and networks across all jurisdictions


Detect Risk More Efficiently

Truly adaptive machine learning models spot new and known suspicious behavior in real time

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Reduce and Prioritize Alerts

Maximum efficiency with automatically prioritized alerts and decreased case volumes

Asset 124Machine learning analytics

Explainable Models

Self-learning, explainable machine learning models with clear reason code extraction


100% POCs Won

Featurespace consistently selected across all use cases in proof of concepts

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ARIC Risk Hub for PSP AML