White Label ARIC™ Risk Hub

Provide real-time fraud protection and AML transaction monitoring with machine learning to your clients, while opening new revenue streams for your business.

Powered by the multi-award winning ARIC Risk Hub, with mega multi-tenancy, White Label ARIC Risk Hub uses Adaptive Behavioral Analytics to protect your clients from suspicious transactions across all payment types and channels.

White Label ARIC Risk Hub gives Issuers and Acquirers full control of the experience available to your customers.

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Unlock new business opportunities with mega Multi-tenancy


Mega Multi-tenancy

On-board and manage multiple tenants in a single instance of ARIC Risk Hub
One installation of ARIC Risk Hub can service every single one of a landlord’s customers (tenants) securely, with data segregation between tenants.

Mega-tenancy enabled and mega-performant
Scaled to handle the requirements of the top five acquirers and processors

Customize tenant grouping and access
Set and manage tenant groups and hierarchies, applying set models and rules across Analytical Configuration Groups. Tier tenant access and user interface configuration, enabling structured packages to sell on to your customers.

Customize ARIC Risk Hub’s appearance to match your brand, configure the investigation screen for enhanced usability, and offer tiered user access to best support your customers, all while providing award-winning protection across the board.

Full control of models and rules

Real-time fraud and financial crime detection
Adaptive Behavioral Analytics models profile normal customer behavior and detect anomalies as they happen, allowing you to detect and prevent new types of fraud and financial crime automatically. Featurespace models consistently outperform all other fraud and financial crime prevention tools, ensuring you and your customers have the best.

Protect your customers, and their customers
The multi-tenant configuration of ARIC Risk Hub serves multiple independent customers from one instance, offering them access to world leading fraud and financial crime prevention, while you maintain control of their access and functionality levels.

The full power of ARIC Risk Hub
Make use of the full business rule editor to view, edit and create new rules which can be set across all customers or target individual customers and segments. Customers can also be given access to the editor, enabling them to set their own rules and models to run alongside yours.

Monitor and protect your customers

Standard and optional enhanced reporting
Get a full suite of standard reports to allow you to view analytics, analyst and system performance, and optional enhanced visualizations and dashboards.

Industry-leading fraud and financial crime prevention
White Label ARIC Risk Hub protects you and your customers from fraudulent transactions and money laundering, across all payment types (cards, e-wallets, direct debits) and channels.

Limitless protection
This highly scalable solution is deployed in some of the world’s leading organizations, with merchants, acquirers and issuers operating across the globe. 

Stay a step ahead of risk and fraud

New types of fraud and financial crime
As fraudsters consistently change their tactics, rules can miss unseen types of attack. By focusing on genuine behavior, ARIC Risk Hub’s Adaptive Behavioral Analytics can detect changes in real time, and alert your analysts to potential attacks within seconds.

Customer expectation
Customers expect minimum friction when making a purchase, but also assume that they are protected from fraud. ARIC Risk Hub typically reduces the ‘false positive’ ratio by up to 76% – meaning fewer disgruntled customers for your merchants – while simultaneously increasing the number of genuine attacks prevented. 

Not just fraud
In addition to award-winning fraud prevention, White Label ARIC Risk Hub can be used to provide products to your customers including Anti Money-Laundering (AML) as well as non financial crime use cases.