Jon Edington

24th September 2020

Jon is a Partner at IP Group. Jon focusses on investments in the information technology sector in the UK.

Jon represents IP Group on the boards of, Garrison Technology, Yoyo Wallet, Re:infer, Resolving and  He was also an investor at IP Group in Acunu, Semetric, Permasense and PSE, all of which have been acquired.

Prior to joining IP Group, Jon was an investor with Sovereign Capital, a mid-market buyout firm, where he specialised in transactions in the healthcare services market.  Prior to Sovereign, Jon was a Director at 3i Group, where he was responsible for investments such as Nimbus Partners (acquired by Tibco), OST Business Rules (acquired by Microgen), Kavado (acquired by Protegrity) and FMS (acquired by Temenos).

Jon has a BEng from Imperial College London and an MBA from INSEAD.