Lonne Jaffe

24th September 2020

Lonne is a Managing Director at Insight Partners, a leading venture capital and private equity fund that has raised more than $23 billion and invested in over 300 high growth technology companies worldwide. Lonne is on the Board of Directors of Insight portfolio companies Featurespace, CentralReach, Tractable, TradingView, Quantum Metric, and Wealth-X.

Previously, Lonne was the CEO of Syncsort, a global software company with enterprise-scale products used by 87 of the Fortune 100 enterprises in more than 85 countries. Before the CEO role at Syncsort, Lonne was the senior VP of corporate strategy at CA Technologies, responsible for the development and execution of the company’s long-term technical and acquisition-related strategic initiatives. Prior to CA, Lonne was a VP at IBM, where he led technology growth strategy for a multi-billion dollar software division. He also led a number of sizable software acquisitions for IBM, and led IBM’s software solutions businesses for the education, healthcare, life sciences, and government industries, including technical and acquisition strategy, research & development, and sales.

Lonne holds undergraduate and advanced degrees from Harvard University.