Professor Bill Fitzgerald (1948-2014)

24th September 2020

Bill was Professor of Applied Statistics and Signal Processing and Head of Research in the Signal Processing Laboratory, in the Department of Engineering at Cambridge University.

The Signal Processing and Communications Laboratory is active in the areas of image and 3D data processing, computer vision and computer graphics, audio and music processing, statistical methodology – especially Bayesian methods and life sciences data including genomics, tracking, and machine learning. Bill’s research focused on Bayesian inference applied to signal and data modeling and he was particularly interested in the applications of Sequential Monte Carlo particle filtering methods to signal processing and communication problems. Professor Bill was recognised for contributions in applications of Bayesian theory in signal processing, and he won the EURASIP 2014 Technical Achievements Award. Prior to joining the University of Cambridge, Bill worked in Neutron Scattering at the Institut Laue Langevin in Grenoble and as a Professor of Physics at the ETH in Zurich.