Vocalink Zapp Pay by Bank App – Protects mobile payments with adaptive behavioural fraud detection

Vocalink Zapp is the UK’s leading mobile payment innovator. Zapp’s new Pay by Bank App technology lets consumers make near real-time payments on their phones and tablets, whenever they see the Pay by Bank app paymark.

Featurespace delivered the ARIC platform on time and on budget at every stage of implementation  


Processing over 2,000 transactions per second on premise, for millions of customers

Confidence that Pay By Bank will launch with the best fraud prevention ultimately improving the customer experience

Zapp’s challenge

  • Immediate, accurate fraud scores: across people, transactions, banks, merchants and platforms - not just cards


  • Protection from new unknown, fraud attacks in real-time: crucial to reassuring financial institutions and merchants that the Zapp platform is recognised as the safest way to pay


  • Delivering a great customer experience: Zapp did not want to inconvenience customers by unnecessarily blocking geniune transactions.


  • Limit operational overheads: spot and block new fraud attacks without continually increasing analyst headcount

Featurespace’s solution

Following a detailed evaluation process, Zapp chose Featurespace’s ARIC for its ability to: 

  • Spot new, unknown types of fraud instantly

Ensuring Vocalink Pay By Bank is the most secure way to pay

  • Reduce the volume of genuine transactions declined by 90%

Compared to other tools on the market. Resulting in improved customer acceptance and less operational overheads

  • Provide scale and flexibility

For Vocalink as they grow their Pay by Bank app business

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