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Profile good behavior to fight financial crime effectively with an enterprise AML Transaction Monitoring solution

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HSBC Innovates Transaction Monitoring with Featurespace to Win the Celent 2021 Model Risk Manager Award

Our Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Software


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Understand your customers and act on your risk exposure with pioneering AML transaction monitoring.

Get a 360 degree risk view across your customer portfolio with dynamic profile scoring and prioritised alert generation, powered by Adaptive Behavioral Analytics.

Achieve efficiency by reducing false positives and prioritizing alerts. Investigators can focus on the most suspicious cases first.

Surface unknown threats with unparalleled anomaly detection, keeping ahead of constantly evolving financial crime typologies.

Improve transaction monitoring performance over time with self learning, explainable machine learning models that require no manual retuning. Discover more about our machine learning techniques in the AI Innovation in AML Transaction Monitoring whitepaper.

Model governance underpins our award-winning machine learning models at every step. Learn about Featurespace’s model governance approach in detail in the Featurespace Model Governance for Anti-Money Laundering whitepaper.

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Creada a partir de 30 años de investigación en la Universidad de Cambridge


Cuenta con la confianza de los bancos y empresas de pagos más respetados del mundo


Líderes mundiales en aprendizaje automático para resolver los desafíos de riesgo


Metodología exclusiva de aprendizaje automático en tiempo real


Plataforma multipremiada con los mejores modelos de aprendizaje automático


Creador de la Analítica Conductual Adaptativa