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Yonder - Mitigating fraud risks while delivering curated experiences

Featurespace has allowed us to launch a really successful card program and to stay ahead of potential fraud concerns.

Theso Jivajirajah, Chief Risk Officer at Yonder

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Yonder prides itself as the credit card for Londoners – the epic credit card membership for enjoying the best things to eat, drink and do around town. To live up to that promise, the team needed to ensure that their customers can transact with confidence and they chose Featurespace to help make the world a safer place to transact for their customers.

Yonder has rebuilt the modern credit card, creating a product that makes credit more inclusive and rewards customers with the best experiences in their city.

This was built upon the vision to eliminate the stress of debt for everyone and build a world where financial services are fair to all.

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A Modern Approach for a Modern Rewards Credit Card

Time to value and ease of implementation were key to a successful partnership for Yonder when selecting a provider because the team knew that as a new entrant to the market, they were a prime target for fraudsters.

The external market forces, coupled with Yonder’s drive for business expansion, meant that its existing fraud detection solution was no longer fit for purpose; the company needed a modern best-in-class enterprise fraud detection solution that:

  • can ingest multiple types of data across the customer journey to provide a single customer view for better decision making,
  • offers fraud protection from day 1 and detects a range of existing fraud typologies and protects against emerging fraud trends,
  • offers pricing that is scalable for growing businesses, and
  • can handle an increase in transaction volumes as the company grows.

Achieving speed and scale with rapid Software-as-a-Service deployment

Yonder wanted a SaaS solution to ensure flexible and rapid deployment with the ability to scale as its business grows. To ensure our solution is fit for purpose, within a week of our first call, Yonder’s integration team were given access to our sandbox environment to evaluate the User Interface and API. Yonder was confident in its decision to partner with Featurespace after testing the full version of our software.

Featurespace’s detailed delivery documentation and process allowed Yonder to lead the integration and go live within a week. Our flexibility in the sales and delivery process allows smaller businesses such as Yonder to go live within a month from initial interaction and integrate to the ARIC™ Risk Hub within one week of contract signature. This is made possible through our clearly documented API, sandbox access, and skilled implementation team

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"Featurespace’s flexible controls have helped us fight against fraudulent transactions before they happen, allowing us to better serve our customers and optimize for growth."